Thursday, 29 August 2013

I do want to try

I'm going to be out for this site for a while, I'm going back on tumblr. I feel I can be myself much more in a world where only I can read it, I might come back around here.. but it'll be about events that I can actually share without having to trouble myself... or something like that.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

There are no men like me. There's only me.

1. I hate apple products... yet I have an iphone. Thanks dad!
2. I've been to a total of 10 schools throughout my so called "great journey of life", I had no love for any of them
3. A song of ice and fire is my favorite story of all time, holy fuck!
4. I don't believe in any god.
5. I say "swag" and "yolo" way too much for my own good LOL
6. I'm a cocky, over confident person, but I try not to show it.
7. I've dislocated my right knee twice. The same knee also has osgood-schlatter. I've injured my lower back twice. I've injured my right shoulder/neck twice. I injured my muscle in my chest 5 years ago, it still hurts once in a while. I sprained my left thumb and my right pinky.
8. I hate driving with a passion, but I'll gladly take the passenger seat and relax!
9. I don't know anyone who has more games than I do (except those mofo gamers on youtube, cause you know thats their job), this includes my bootleg consoles (I don't remember what they were called), nintendo 64, NES, gamecube, gameboy, psp, DS, PS1-3, Xbox, Xbox360, computer games and Wii U. PS4 and Xbox One are next!
10. I have twitter, facebook, instagram and tumblr. And I hate them all, I follow too many idiots.
11.The first vehicle I ever drove was a tricycle, then a moped, then a motorcycle then finally a car!
12. I have no love for sports except basketball.
13. I kept a thin book of drawings by yours truly... until I ripped it up 2 years ago because of family frustration, I barely drew ever since.
13.5 No one knew about this book but a certain friend in elementary, he's in Calgary now.
14. The idea and theory of bodybuilding is a huge part of my life.
15. I wasted countless hours of my life on street fighter
16. I find myself extravagant when it comes to video games.
17. I used to lucid dream every week in my first year of university. I stopped trying to do it then, but it still comes naturally once in a while.
18. Starcraft is my favorite RTS game!
19. When I was younger, I wanted my name to be Tristifer. Haha!
20. Peanut butter is my favorite
21. I don't drink or smoke. #goodboystatus.
22. My father taught me how to drive... my father taught how to do most things.
23. I love building and assembling anything!
24. I wiggle my big toes whenever I'm sitting/lying down.
25. I'm a very forgiving person... If I know you personally
26. I go to the gym 3 times a week if I'm on a cut. Otherwise its 4/5 days a week.
27. I can't even begin to say how much I hate public transportation.
28. I cut my hair 3 times a year!
28.5. #21 is a fucking lie.
29. Jaime Lannister is my favorite character of all time. I just wish all the things in the books were in the show as well! He'd be appreciated more... I think. Also! Nikolaj Coster-Waldau will always be Jaime Lannister in my eyes.
29.5. If I could play any characters in Game of Thrones it would either be Jon, Jorah, Bronn, Jaime or Tywin. (A bit too much?)
30. I shake naturally. It really sucks.
31. I never really had love for Pokemon. I was the DBZ kid.
32. I can't grow facial hair if it depended on my life
33. I want a golds gym membership!
34. When I feel sad I sit down on the floor against a wall... like a movie!
35. I take breaks from social networks once in a while because I feel that I need time for myself, people can drain me out so bad.
36. Pride took over my life, but I learned to control it
37. I love swimming and biking!
38. I've been suspended every year in elementary, rebel life. I actually almost didn't get into my high school here because of that... LOL
39. My skin is too pale ... -.-
40. I find it very disturbing when people beg for celebrities attentions on twitter. What's even worse is when they take a screenshot of the celebrities tweets tweeting to them and post it... uhm... yea.. moving on.
41. Orange is my favorite color
42. I've fired a gun before :P
43. I've stolen from stands and stores.
44. The first time I fried chicken was in Philippines, and I only burned 7 out of the 10.
45. I ... slaughtered little chicks before...LOL.... ffff
46. I'm close to more female friends than I am with males.
47. People trust me too easily in my opinion, I don't know why. It's kind of fucked!
48. There's only one male I know personally and am close with!
49. I think my nails grow too fast :(
50. My testosterone rise like a mofo after working out
51. On my way to the gym, I listen to slow and mellow songs, it gets me soooooooooo amped.
52.  I have secrets to myself that I will carry with me to my grave. There are things in everyones life that are better left unsaid.
53. I can't stand people who worship celebrities. yuck.
54. I used to put gel on my hair...
55. I want 3 kids!
56. I've lost two different pairs of glasses twice. I'm on my third one!
57. I absolutely love disney. Tarzan!
58. I never liked the idea of giving flowers to the significant others.
59. I don't have a favorite quote.
60. I let other family members cut my nails.
61. I never snuck out of my house before
62. I don't celebrate my birthdays, I don't see the joy in it.
63. I don't know where I'm headed in life, I feel that's way too much to even plan..
64. Baconator is my favorite fast food burger :P
65. I could care less about anything that's going on in life, just let it flow!
66. First meal of my day is usually oatmeal with banana and peanut butter :P
67. I will never try clubbing... I hope lol.
68. My ideal life is to never work! Fuck that shit, but that's how life is.
69. I barely do chores around the house
70. I like but dislike blogging.
71. My aunts think I'm heartbroken! lol fuck!
72. I really do think it sucks to be in love, but damn it feels good!
73. I really believe everyone is a hypocrite in a way.
74. I absolutely love singing/rapping hahaha!
75. I'm very impatient, but I can remain very calm and still while waiting. I'm dying inside, though.
76. Whenever I'm watching a show, I never skip the intro. That shit is part of the ritual!
77. Often times I wish some people read ASOIAF along with me, I'm too far ahead. I can't share my feelings with anyone, so I'm left to sit down after serious events happen and I would look around and people are just carrying on with their lives. Like HELLO? Something tragic just happened!
78. I don't like poetry. But I'd gladly recite them if their catchy!
79. I recite quotes from books and any shows every single day, accent and all... with emotions! It's fun!
80. I enjoy horror movies more than anything, especially if the story is really good!
81. I drowned a cat once... intentionally :|
82. I believe in karma
83. I have 4 or 5 keloids on my chest. I had one near my ear but it disappeared...
84. I want to try sky diving and scuba diving. Scuba diving more than anything! I want to go deep beneath the sea
85. Math and programming are probably my favorite subjects.
86. I have a very very bad habit of skipping classes, it started in highschool and its never been fixed.
87. I love my eyebrows, fuck what everyone says. It reminds me of my mother
88. Deadpool is my favorite marvel character.
89. I find world war 1 and world war 2 history uber fascinating. I lose myself when I'm learning about it. The subject of the universe is even worse.
90. Playing with babies is my specialty!
91. I could care less if people don't give me credit if I've been part of something. Big role or small role.
92. I choked on a fish bone before, and I also bled from it. It lasted 10 minutes, it was painful. I threw up in the end.
93. The only actors I want to see are Jackie Chan and Will Smith!
94. I have betrayed the trust of a friend
95. I don't recall ever initiating a friendship with anyone.
96. I broke a pinky promise before... three times.. LOL fuck my life.
97. I have a horrible sleeping pattern... once I start sleeping late, it continues on... I can never make myself sleep earlier than the day before, like how do people do it? It's like forcing yourself to sleep.
98. I was infamous for my crying when I was a baby. Everyone of my aunts, uncles and older cousins seem to have their own story of me crying.
99. I flex in front of my mirror every time after a bath and after I brush my teeth.. hahaha!
100. I get upset easily. But I show no emotions. I really hope I didn't repeat anything... But my arse is going to bed!


Friday, 2 August 2013


Hi, hope you had a good sleep.. dreaming about.. Je....sus.. Haha! Forgive me for not being able to give you a nice blog. I really have no clue of what you have pictured in mind. I had nothing in mind but to make it Game of Thrones themed as much as possible. If you want to change it, just let me know.

Princess Scarlet
House Rodas
The Orbit